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Timeline Photos 'Diamond's aren't forever' . Work in progress on a small 35cm x 35cm.
Wanna watch paint dry ? Spent a good 4 hours on this one today.
Section of a new one I'm working on, limited colour palette but mixing creates endless possibilities!
I've got a number of new paintings close to completion which are already reserved, ...
Timeline Photos Close up section. Almost complete. Devolution.
Timeline Photos Some work in progress paintings hanging out to dry outside my studio yesterday. Loving how my next paintings are coming together , currenty about 5 or 6 I'm working on ...
Timeline Photos Album cover painting I've done for @blanketsounds debut album, 'How to let go'. Released via @sonymusicuk @mfnofficial May 18th.
Timeline Photos Devolution #1. Work in progress. 70cm x 70cm
Love working on a large scale. 2m x 2m I'm working on.
Photos from Chris Rivers Art's post My girl's loving my fav @drmartensofficial shoes. Indiana wearing my #williamblake 'House of death' and Summer with the #BiagioDiAntonio 'The Triumph of Camillus'
Chris Rivers Art posted 3 photos.
Who's your favourite artists ? There's so many I love, everyone from Bosch to Monet, Fragonard to Goya, Caravaggio to Sargent..many different styles and eras but mainly all oil painters. ...
Timeline Photos Here comes the rain. Nice day for a walk on the beach? (A 3rd character has been added since) 70cm x 50cm. Painted super fast with a very limited palette ...
Timeline Photos A little Sunday night refreshment to power on through.
Limited edition prints and Original oil paintings of Manchester based artist Chris Rivers Hey all! Just a quick update to everyones who's order a print in the last few weeks, they've pretty much all been shipped yesterday and today, there's a still a ...
The start of something new.

New series in the works.
Frameless Friday at Falcon Mill Artist studios, BL1 8BL. This Friday 12noon - 6pm. Come and have a look around the studios and check out some work by myself and ...
Timeline Photos Frameless Friday at Falcon Mill Artist studios this Friday. Real casual, just come along and check out some artwork by myself and the other artists of Falcon Mill! 12noon - ...
"The smelting Pot" Portrait of my grandad underway!
➕When John, Thomas and Arthur went to the beach➕

Quick seascape scene painting. Took on a life of its own as I was doing it. 😁

Music @crossesmusic
Timeline Photos Anyone who ordered a limited edition of 'Rest in universe' (edition sold out) thanks for your patient with waiting for your order. The process of producing Giclee prints can take ...
Timeline Photos ▪Berlin Snow▪

Giclee prints here -
Chris Rivers Art's cover photo Close up details .
Chris Rivers Art updated their cover photo.
Throwback to around a year ago, working on my painting 'Burning Horizons'

Love painting either huge sizes or tiny.
'Resurrection' oil painting.

Limited edition print release coming in April. Anyone interested in reserving contact or PM on here.
Original sold.
Timeline Photos Feature coming in @beautifulbizarremagazine later this year.

(Painting in shot a work in progress)
Chris Rivers Art is with Beautiful Bizarre Magazine.
Timeline Photos To everybody who bought a 'Rest in Universe' print , £1000 has been raised for #jodrellbank which will pay for 50 new panels on restoration of their Lovell Telescope. I ...

Bidding for the original ends on Tuesday night, good luck to anyone who's after it!
Timeline Photos Current fav tools , a few palette knives and a £4 DIY brush
Rest in universe - Chris Rivers Art I've been blown away to the response to the Stephen Hawking tribute painting, honestly didn't expect it to have that kind of reaction !
The original is now available for ...
Timeline Photos **UPDATE Original now available for auction, proceeds going to MND charity / Prints also available - please see this link for full info - **

A quick little tribute painting ...
Mark Southern Artist Page
My art page I have created to promote myself in the world of art and hopefully one day, become an artist of merit and notoriety.
So here it is.