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Upcoming Plans!

As a lot of you might know I’ve had a lot of changes happen over the past few months, decided to say goodbye to my career as a touring rock drummer and focusing on my future as a painter is something I would have never pictured but it’s funny how things work out and how unpredictable your path can be.

I’m really looking forward to getting stuck in with my next set of artworks. Savages of eden will be an on going series released throughout the year at different seasons and there’s also a few other big series of paintings lined up that I’m still figuring out in my head. One of the things I enjoy most about doing these paintings is the feeling of going into the unknown, almost like the painting could crash and burn at any point. Trying to put across whats in my head is what i love doing, once the idea is there is a case of figuring out the technique of me doing it as most of the time it’s guess work. When anybody asks me how I start a painting I literally don’t know how to answer it as it’s different everytime.