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To everyone who’s followed my music career

Hey everyone,

It’s been the toughest decision I’ve ever had to make but a few months ago I decided I won’t be moving forward as drummer for the Cruel Knives with Sid, Rob and Tom.

My life has changed massively over the past year or so, especially since becoming a father to my twin girls. My heads in a different place now and I can no longer provide the same level of commitments needed to be in a full time band. I’ve always had the mentality of if i’m going to do something I’m going to do it with every ounce of my energy and commitment, it’s simply no longer possible for me as my focus is elsewhere, I’d be going against everything I’ve always stood for if I were to continue.

Music and touring is all I’ve know for the past 15 years, I’ve dedicated everything to it and loved every second of the journey. I joined a full time band practically right out of school and was one of the founding members of Heaven’s Basement 5 years later. I honestly never thought I’d see a day where I’d choose to go down a different path but it’s too difficult to balance everything in my life now without either the band or my personal life suffering which isn’t right for anyone.

I’ve played alongside Sid and Rob for a long time, they are immensely talented musicians, totally world class. I’m happy to call them both two of my closest friends. We’ve been through so much and know each other better than i could ever explain. On a musician level, playing alongside people for as long as we have you develop a great understanding on stage, which also reflects off stage. I would have put us up as a trio against anyone else out there. I got to know Tom a bit over the past 6 months, the few shows we played together in Paris and London back in October were enough to show me the future of the band is in great hands with Tom. Brilliant singer and around top lad.

I’ll never forget the amazing times i’ve experienced over the years, touring the world countless times, touring with some of my idols and all the amazing shows I’ve been a part of. Heaven’s Basement has been my life, and I’ll look back on everything with nothing but great memories and no complaints. I’m sad that I won’t see any of you from on stage again, I’ve got to know many of you so well and I’m truly grateful for all the support over the years, you’ve all been amazing.

I’ll never stop playing drums, It’s in my blood but for now I’ll be putting all my focus into my artwork which i’ve become massively passionate about, It’s a creative outlet that 2 or 3 years ago I never thought I had, I’ve got a million ideas that I’m really excited about getting on with. If anyones interested to follow my path you can find me on fB at chrisriversart.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the cruel knives. People talk about how bad a state the music industry is right now, in a lot of respects that’s true but as long as guys like Sid, Rob and Tom are around, the future is very bright. Even though I wont be there physically I’ll be with them every step of the way !

Thanks for everything,

Chris x