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‘The process of destruction’

The Process of Destruction

There’re so many ways a painting can develop, sometimes they’ll be in an initial idea that will spark the process but more often than not it’s usually a case of going into the unknown.

This is usually that the approach I always prefer, although it doesn’t always work out.

Here is an example of a work in progress using the method of improvisation. It usually just starts with choosing the colours for the pallet, then running with it. The previous version of this painting I don’t have a photo of but I spent the whole of the previous day working on this painting , only then to turn up the following day and dislike everything about it apart from the orange colours on the right hand side.


When that happens it’s just a case of  doing something drastic to the painting to see if you can spark some new and exciting life into it. Within about 5 minutes of destroying the previous day’s work by using a mix of white spirit, leftover pallet paint and kitchen roll, I already prefered the results.  Straight away I could see what looked like a sky scape, seascape , a horizon and the shape of an oil rig on the far right side, this was then enough for me to run with I’ve no idea how this painting will turn out it might end up the wreck but we’ll see, that’s always the fun part of painting, you never know how something is going to turn out.

Maybe you’ll see this painting again maybe you won’t who knows!