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Summer playgrounds

Hey all, been meaning to do a blog update on here for a while, but I’m trying to keep off my computer as much as possible these days, It’s hard to keep off it when running your own business ┬ábut if I could spend half as much time painting as I do on my computer I’m pretty sure I could paint like the┬ásistine chapel in a few months haha!

It’s been a really productive few months with my paintings, I recently finished the summer season paintings to to ‘Savages of Eden’ they’ve turned out great, they’ve got more colour than I usually like to use but it’s summer! I’m looking forward to doing the autumn and winter sets aswell as some one of ink and charcoal drawings at some point.

As some of you might know, i turned ‘Chaos in Silence’ (from the spring series) into silk scaves, pleased to see they’ve gone down really well, I’ve just placed an order for ‘Bitter Peace’ from the summer season to be produced in silk aswell. I said goodbye to the originals from the spring series over the past few months, sad to see them go as they’re some of my paintings I’ve produced but I know they’ve gone to good homes in the U.S and U.K !

In terms of other work, I’ve started a long term series called ‘Playgrounds’ featuring paintings of big skies / industrial landscapes with the recurring theme of two charactors that always pop up in my paintings. I’ve started small but I’ll be doing some huge paintings in for these aswell.

Until next time