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Distorted lands

July 9th 2017

It’s freaking me out how fast this year is passing by, it’s been a really cool few months but I’m already finding myself planning for the end of the year and early next year, it’s probably to do with that fact that I’m a completely obsessive person with my creative stuff!

I’ve recently completed my first ever mural painting, it’s basically at the back of my local ‘The Spread Eagle’ in Bromley cross, Bolton. I didn’t expect it to be as big as it was before I started but I’m pleased with how it’s turned out! The hardest part with any painting is getting the idea as putting the actual paint down is the easy part! That’s just paint by numbers based on the image I’ll have in my head or sketched out. Improvisation is a big part of my work though, it keeps it interesting and makes it possible to take the artwork in any direction at any point.

Anyway, being a northern lad and living in an area that was once a huge industrial machine, this is my tip of the hat to the industrial past ! Big thanks to the Spread Eagle for allowing me free reign with painting all over the wall! (And trusting that I wouldn’t do something hideous!) It was a refreshing change painting around people instead of talking to my 4 walls at my studio space!

There’s a timelapse video of the mural coming at some point soon, I’ll also be releasing an edition of 99 prints of the wall (obv smaller than the real thing haha) if you’d like pre order info on these you can contact info@chrisriversart.com to put your name down for first info when it comes.

I’m generally a complete unorganised mess of a person but there’s a few things coming up which I’m now working towards. I’ll be appearing at Manchester buy art fair in October so I’m working on a series of paintings which will be released around that time, I’m also taking part in upcoming artevents in Ripon, Chester and Edinburgh with some galleries I’m now working with. I’m hoping on comfirming my first overseas art events in the coming months aswel.

Artwork wise, I’m currently working on the autumn and winter editions of my ‘Savages of Eden’ series, aswel as a spin off set of paintings from the same series called ‘Seasons in the abyss’ More silk will be coming from this series aswel. There’s other new sets and series of paintings i’ve got planned but It’s unlikely they’ll be around until next year!

My ‘land of the gaints’ series is on going, I’ve recently completed a large 6ft x 4ft painting which is called ‘Distorted lands’

‘Distorted Land’s’ from ‘Land of the gaints’ series. 2017

Over the coming months I’m working on artwork for two books, the first being the 3rd edition of my Zak and Jen series which i’m really exited to get stuck in with. I’ve already has the story draft from Natalie the author and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be my fav from the series so far. I’m also working on a set of artwork for a book called ‘Lost in the crowd’, I’m not a massive book reader but this one is totally different to anything I’ve ever read before so I’ve tried to think way outside the box with the imagery and I think between me and Matt the author we’ve got the perfect idea! Time will tell!

A big thanks to anyone who bought one one my ‘From Manchester with love’ prints last month aswell to help a good cause, it was the fastest an edition of prints has ever sold out with the edition of 120 prints selling out in just 3 hours.

One last thing, Tomorrow I need to tidy my total mess of studio as on tues theres a camera team coming along for another new thing I’ve got coming up. More on that in the future!

Anyway, if anyones managed to read until the end of me blabbering on, thanks !

That’s all for now.