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Chris Rivers Art, Exposing Art Series Episode 1 With The Killing Tree

Episode 1 of ‘Exposing Art’ series is here, filmed exclusively with ‘The Killing Tree’ It gives’s you a quick insight into my world.

It was good fun to do, I love working with the guys at the Killing Tree, they’ve got fantastic vision.

You can view the full 5 minute film here

What’s coming up next ? I’ve just confirmed my first show of 2018 which will be part of the Asia Contemporary art fair in Hong Kong this September. They’ll also be a spring open studio session at my Bolton Art Gallery (Falcon Mill) The open studio will feature myself and other Manchester artist who work there. I’ll post details on this closer to the time. Keep your eyes peeled for more UK art exhibitions later this year where I’ll have my original artwork for sale.

More events to be announced throughout the year.

People are often asking me what style I class myself as and to be honest I have no idea, somebody asked me if I have any surreal art for sale, I didn’t really know a specific piece to show them as I guess there’s elements of Abstract art, Surrealism, Symbolism art and figurative art, in a nutshell I’d class it as alternative artwork , for those looking for something left of center I guess!

2017 and ended on a great note for me, I was really happy with the work I produced throughout the year, I feel like I’m getting more and more ideas all the time. Creativity comes in waves, sometimes you have times when its just not happening, you can’t get the ideas in your head onto the canvas, but I feel like I’ve got so many ideas at the moment that it’ll keep me going for a lifetime.

I always say painting is just the tip of the iceberg. If somebody asks me how long a painting has taken its impossible to answer as it starts with the idea in your head which you then develop or attempt to picture (still in your head) , until I finally get to the stage where I feel I can put it across by moving paint on a canvas!